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March 2010

99 Melbourne Street South Brisbane


The fourth installment of The Wandering Room’s window box project, let us tell you friends, is as awkward as the meeting between Johnny bloody Rotten and the Queen. Perhaps not as blatant, but awkward nonetheless. For all of you who have spent time dreaming up the most wretchedly maladroit combinations of people for road trips, or given/received the soggy end of the seal-paw handshake, this is for you.


In the end, these artists/passengers have acquired a taste of Stockholm Sydrome, sans the Alicia Silverstone kitsch and retaining the Benicio Del Toro charm. And they’re bringing it to the three-legged table. A visual mash up if you will.


Awkward requisites the work of six artists in the window boxes, and three free rangers. Kat Sawyer explores the tactile materiality of everyday objects and experiential elements associated. James Watts jaunts architectural existence with curbside cowboy wooden constructions. Courtney Coombs displaces the whole space, and your perceptions of it. Alice Lang, with a love of the nouveau grotesque and embryonic euphemisms, stages a new work including live human. David Nixon practices balancing acts. Caselle Mountford plays with reptiles in her spare time, giving old man Dundee a run for his money.


Performing a clumsy interactive melodramatic orchestra of errors on the night of the opening will be Kitten Party as the musician, David Spooner as the traveling salesman, and Nick Drake as Danger Mouse, launching the next installment of Danger Daze! Be sure to come along to the opening if you want to see the performances!


Come along, join the festivities, embrace the awkward, because baloney ain’t currency around here.


Social pics HERE


Creative essay by Akiko Yamasaki HERE




kitten party

Kitten Party

alice lang and kat sawyer

Alice Lang and Kat Sawyer

alice lang

Alice Lang

casselle mountford

Caselle Mountford

courtney coombs

Courtney Coombs

danger daze

Danger Daze

david creed and angela rossitto

David Nixon

james watts

James Watts

kat sawyer

Kat Sawyer

kitten party

Kitty Party in the rain

david spooner

David Spooner sells luck

Video of Kitten Party

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