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May 2010

99 Melbourne Street South Brisbane


The basic premise of Bad Boys, the sixth installation of The Wandering Rooms residency at 99 Melbourne St, is to analyse the embodiment of the Bad Boy in art. Are Bad Boys dead, replaced by their taboo’s? Or are they alive and literally kicking.


The eight artists included in this exhibition have all been chosen because of their personal and artistic personas. Jasmin Coleman works with materials from construction sites, re-compositioning them as hard-boiled tapestries. Andrew Ford, a local writer, shows what is behind the bad boy persona when it’s all stripped away. Damien Hirst needs no introduction. Gordon Hookey takes the political and relates it to themes of anti/post-colonisation and the inherent racism within Australian culture. Nat Koyama conjoins disparate body parts and performs with band. Patrick King tries to configure order within the chaotic world of the profane and throwaway. Eric Rossi highlights where office culture went wrong. Sam Sharman, through Sharman’s Spiritual Fitness, explores notions of masculinity within the context of spirituality.


Come along for a drink and see what being a bad boy these days really means.


Exhibition runs til Tues June 1. You can view it at any time.


Social pics HERE


Essay by Sarah Werkmeister HERE



bad boys

The Wandering Room merchandise

sam sharman

Sam Sharman

patrick king

Patrick King

gordon hookey and nat koyama

Gordon Hookey and Nat Koyama

sam sharman

Sam Sharman

jasmin coleman

Jasmin Coleman

eric rossi

Eric Rossi

gordon hookey

Gordon Hookey

andrew ford

Andrew Ford

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