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Saturday 9 December, 6-8pm (ONE NIGHT ONLY)


The Wandering Room invites you to our final exhibition and end of year celebration: Curated Catering


Visitors to The Wandering Room have surely noticed and enjoyed the chip and beer offerings provided at our premises on Elizabeth St. These pairings are never accidental nor devoid of thought- rather, they like the artworks are also curated. Whether it be dark coloured cans in a dim gallery, chips with a hint of sea salt to connect to the ocean or a humorously named lager to compliment an exhibition’s focus on comedy, combinations have been selected due to taste and concept. 


In Curated Catering David Creed and Angela Rossitto pay homage to the full range of exhibition accompaniments served at The Wandering Room since 2019 through a series of illustrated posters.

208 Victoria St (enter via Elizabeth St)

Brunswick VIC

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