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The Wandering Room invites you to an exhibition of paintings completed only on Sundays. Two years ago, David Creed decided to become a Sunday painter. The strict requirements of Sunday painting means that you must do at least one painting every Sunday and that you can’t miss a Sunday. All the paintings were painted while sitting at a table in The Wandering Room gallery.


Painting themes include: ‘Rabbity’, David’s imaginary friend that lived in the bush next to his childhood home; explorations of smiley faces and the sublime; a fashionable and handsome doll captured in his candid moments; objects found on short walks around the block; seasonal items like flowers that came out in Spring; and objects collected during that week, such as shells from the oysters that were eaten during lockdown.

Saturday 19 November, 6-8pm (opening night)

Sunday 20 November, 11-2pm (final viewing and Sunday painting performance)

208 Victoria St (enter via Elizabeth St)

Brunswick VIC

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