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Friday 13th December 6-8pm (Opening Night)
Saturday 14th December 11am-2pm (Viewing)

The Wandering Room
208 Victoria St (enter via Elizabeth St)
Brunswick VIC


The final exhibition for 2019 at 208 Victoria Street is ‘F-Art (Funny Art)’.

Why must today’s artists always be the ‘serious commentator’? Laughter is a strategy in communication which makes a point, destabilises, disrupts, engages and moves beyond the obvious. There are some who want to dismiss it and call it fleeting, but humour in art has a long history and a humorous remark can have real hooks and remain memorable for a long time. The exhibiting artists in ‘F-Art (Funny Art)’ employ various media but humour is the common denominator. They are: Matthew Adcock, Beards Building Solutions, Keith W Clancy, Suzannah Griffith, Juni with Rohan Bridge and Kristine Dragland, and Amanda Wolf.

Please join us at the opening for celebratory drinks!

Image: Juni, Rohan Bridge and Kristine Dragland, Growth and Learning, 2019

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