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Livestream performance: Wednesday 13 October 8pm

From Sutton Hoo to Beetlejuice, humanity has always been fascinated with what is on the other side, and reaching that place. Gateway looks at the different motivations that drive that desire to reach behind the curtain of human consciousness. It is an audiovisual work exploring themes of human suffering, ego and enlightenment. It consists of four videos that are embedded in their own altars, and they explore aspects of these themes but all questioning different motivations for attempting to reach the divine and tied together with a symbolic visual language and a haunting electronic soundscape. This is a reimagining of a ritual experience that draws on cultures and religions across time and geography – but also of no specific time or place.

Utopian Crush are Frankie Pan and Brad Perkins. Sometimes they make music for films. Sometimes they make music and films. And sometimes they make art.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this exhibition was streamed online and now can be viewed below.

A catalogue essay written by ZiXin Chen is available HERE.

This exhibition has been proudly supported by Moreland City Council through the 2020 Flourish: Arts Recovery Grant Program.

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