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Artists: Ruby Aitchison, Priscilla Ambrosini, Jennifer Mathews and Jak Rapmund

Opening event: Saturday 10 April, 6 - 8 pm

Final Viewing: Sunday 11 April, 11am -2 pm

What can we salvage from the debris?

What can we create in the fringes?

While The Wandering Room gallery lay dormant over 2020, a rogue mint plant grew from a beam of wood. This powerful gesture of nature reclaiming the space became a call to action; to return to the fertile undergrowth, to celebrate the tenacity of the underdog.

Plucked from the words of Sylvia Plath, Nudgers and Shovers celebrates the beauty, potential, and regenerative power of the discarded and overlooked. It is a meditation on materials, imagery, and gestures grounded in the natural world and the poetry that spawns from humble and unexpected beginnings.

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