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October 2010

Ryan Renshaw Gallery Window Space

137 Warry St, Brisbane QLD 4006


The third installation in Ryan Renshaw's front window box will be a collaborative work by Ian Burns and QCA student Travers Nash with the work 'Sancho Panza'.


Travers Nash acted as a studio assistant to Ian Burns in his preparations for his recent solo exhibition, AND THEN…, at Anna Schwartz, Melbourne. As Ian pursued his delusional quest for a Dulcinean exhibition, he benefited from Travers’ affliction of a particularly droll wit. Yet Travers suffered patiently and toiled at the repetitive and dull tasks necessary to the completion of Ian’s works. The opportunity to install a window display for The Wandering Room has allowed for this problem to be addressed. In this piece these previous roles have been blurred, and Travers and Ian have collaborated with both serving as Quixote and as Panza. The outcome of this analysis has been that Nash and Burns have reached the conclusion that in contemporary art the romance of the quixotic is diseased. This collaboration has been one of each trying to be the better assistant. As Cervantes would have it, the true power lies in the Sanchismos, so here Nash and Burns have chided each other into a visual Sanchismos. In supporting the Quixotic, Sancho Panza fell in and out of a delusional state as circumstances demanded. The ideal ability for the contemporary art viewer.


The exhibition will be opening on Friday, October 1st, 6pm-8pm at Ryan Renshaw Gallery, 137 Warry St, Fortitude Valley. We hope you can make it to the opening or check it out in the following month.


Co-inciding with the show will be the Irene Hanenbergh and Davis Thomas exhibition in the Ryan Renshaw Gallery.


Ian Burns is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney and Melbourne.




Ian Burns and Travers Nash, Sancho Panza, video by Ryan Renshaw Gallery

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