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Ryan Renshaw Gallery Window Space

137 Warry St, Brisbane QLD 4006


The Wandering Room would like to extend an invitation to our inaugural exhibition in the Ryan Renshaw window box. For the next year, The Wandering Room will be acting as the curtain of the window box space attached to the gallery and openings will run in conjunction with the openings at Ryan Renshaw.


The first artist featured in the window box is Natasha Cordasic, with her painting ‘The Way We Were’ from the series ‘Apples and O...ranges’ series. Cordasic engages with personal histories, identity and nationalism, and commercialisation. Her exploration of materiality and its associations (e.g. aluminium and war) creates a tension between the sweetness of sentiment and histories harsh realities.


Showing inside the gallery will be Rodney Glick. Join us in celebrating our first exhibition in a new space!


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natasha cordasic

Natasha Cordasic, The Way They Were, enamel on aluminium, 2009

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