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Saturday 7th September 5-8pm (Opening Night)
Sunday 8th September 11am-2pm (Viewing)

The Wandering Room
208 Victoria St (enter via Elizabeth St)
Brunswick VIC

Victoria St, Brunswick is a bustling thoroughfare in Melbourne’s inner north and is home to many. This exhibition features artists who are residents, students, workers, neighbours, commuters, dog-walkers, shoppers and coffee sippers who all have a connection to Victoria Street, Brunswick. Together, the artworks in this show make a statement about local issues and who we are as a diverse community.

Artists include: Aleks Johnstone Allison, Amie Anderson, Lena Bauckhage, Sue Beyer, Joseph Breikers, Jade Burstall, Natasha Cordasic, Brett Davies, Angus Gardner, Paul Gillett, Brad Hall, Joshua Hede, Prudence Illingworth, Amaya Iturri, Rachel Jessie-Rae, Murray Johnstone, Arisa Kawabe, Oscar Keene, Motoko Katsuta Kitano, Melanie Lazarow, Linda Loh, Peter Ly, Holly Macdonald, Meat Lumps, Chris Moss, Jamie Mumford, Nasim Patel and Rachael Wisby, Steven Rendall, Sylvie Rendall, Lily Santamaria, Benjamin Sheppard, Helena Sinclair, The Wandering Room, Annette Whiter, Bettina Willner-Browne, Mark Wingrave, Amanda Wolf, Melody Woodnutt.

Please join us at the opening for celebratory drinks!

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