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Victoria Street, which stretches from Brunswick West to Brunswick East in Melbourne’s inner north, is a strip of bitumen, a commuter corridor, a place of business, and a home to many. Although it is just another bustling thoroughfare, to these artists, Victoria Street is a location that inspires genuine connection.

Artists: Cass Lee Allan, Caleb Azeez, Lena Bauckhage, Sue Beyer, Judith Cooke, Natasha Cordasic, John Goldberg, Nick Hackett, Mary Hackett, Brad Hall, Peter Hannaford, Joshua Hede, Helen Hill, Aaron Hoffman, Murray Johnstone, Paul Kalemba, Motoko Kitano, Linda Loh, Aylsa McHugh, Chris Moss, Jamie Mumford, Orla Newton, Nguyễn Ngọc Thảo, Rachel O’Connor, Billie Raffety, Steven Rendall, Sylvie Rendall, Benjamin Sheppard, Helena Sinclair, The Wandering Room, Annette Whiter, Candice Williams, Bettina Willner-Browne, Cairo Willner-Browne, Mark Wingrave, Melody Woodnutt

Saturday 4th June, 5-8pm (opening)

Sunday 5th June, 10-3pm (viewing)

208 Victoria St (enter via Elizabeth St)

Brunswick VIC

Exhibition also featured a satellite drawing installation by John Goldberg at 187 Victoria Street, Brunswick.   

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