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Ryan Renshaw Gallery Window Space

137 Warry St, Brisbane QLD 4006


Opening this friday night in the window of Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Jesse Olsen's new work explores a flux between the temporal and the permanent. Olsen's drawings echo a sense of Romanticism and Art Nouveau while addressing such topics as Memento Mori, Bromance and eerie escapism. Self trained, Olsen's work treads the line between tattoo art, illustration and graphic design. He'd fit right in to the darker side of the city of angels. A surrealist look at a rustic world, Olsen's black line drawings on glass are sure to kickstart your heart.


The show will be up for a month, and runs alongside Melbourne based Nathan Gray's new exhibition and Brisbane's Martin Smith in the Project Room. Join us for a brew at the opening!


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jesse olsen

Jesse Olsen

jesse olsen
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